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My Safe Florida Home Program Explained

The My Safe Florida Home Program was re-enacted during the most recent Special Session of the Florida Legislature. The program has two primary components:

Free Wind Inspection

Provide, free of charge, a home inspection that identifies recommended improvements a homeowner may take to mitigate hurricane damage.

A 2-For-One Grant

Eligible homeowners within defined areas of the state may apply for a matching grant to perform work on their home to retrofit their properties to make them less vulnerable to hurricane damage.

How much can I receive through the grant process? 

The Legislature has authorized homeowners to receive up to $10,000 for the actual cost of the mitigation project. The program will provide $2 in grant funds for every $1 the homeowner provides.  In order to receive the maximum grant amount, homeowners must be able to provide $5,000 of their own funds toward the project.

What types of mitigation projects will be considered for homeowners? 

When recommended by a hurricane mitigation inspection, grants may be used for the following improvements:

  1. Opening protection;
  2. Exterior doors, including garage doors;
  3. Brace gable ends;
  4. Reinforcing roof-to wall connections;
  5. Improving the strength of roof-deck attachments;
  6. Upgrading roof covering from code to code plus; and
  7. Secondary water barrier for roof.

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    You r inspection will also include affordable suggestions by a pre-approved contractor so your grant application can be fully completed.

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